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Ajgove Medical was founded, with the principals of becoming a world class provider of disposable medical devices for the Pre-hospital and Hospital Health-Care sectors. We are a provider of innovative solutions for specialized flow control needs and Medical Disposables. Ajgove Medical works with the medical industry's leading companies, with particular expertise in the areas of Fluid Management & I.V. Therapy, Vital Signs Monitoring and Drug Delivery.

We specialize in stopcocks, Intravenous and central venous catheters, Ajgove Medical respectfully partners with our customers so that we may provide customized solutions to their greatest needs and challenges. With a commitment to customer experience excellency, the Ajgove Medical community of dedicated employees incorporates into all our services both professionalism and care in a way that not only meets, but exceeds industry standards.

To that end, Ajgove Medical delivers not just a product, but a promise: To combine excellence with commitment; to weave together reliability with integrity; and to offer competitive pricing for superior results.





Founded in 2009 as a Medical Disposable Supplier, Ajgove Medical is located in, Johannesburg South Africa.

In January 2010, Ajgove Medical developed its own product line with an emphasis on stopcocks and Central Venous Catheters. Ajgove Medical’s product specialists has been selling medical components to both the South African private and provincial health care markets since 2009, under different brands and groups.

In an effort to continuously broaden our product lines while remaining committed to quality and customer care, Ajgove Medical branched out to form a new diverse Medical Company. Through our acquisitions we are now able to offer a one-stop- shop for our customers, expand our manufacturing capabilities and deliver products for all their health care needs.


The Ajgove Medical Advantage


One-Stop Shop: We offer our customers the widest range of products for medical disposable flow control applications for your everyday or mission critical needs. On top of that, we provide our specialized support with design and development, as well as process engineering, so that we provide you with customized reliable, working solutions. We consider our team part of your team. Unparalleled Customer Experience: Our concerned professionals-- from our sales team to engineers to our customer service representatives to our managerial staff--interface with you at the human level during every step of the process. Clinical Know-How and Expertise: With more than 40 years in the medical device and disposables market – staff experience, Ajgove Medical expertly offers flexible solutions based on specific customer needs. We work in close cooperation with our key clinicians, and hands-on hospital staff (nurses, doctors & Surgeons), to explore market needs and trends helping you with solutions that are truly based on yours and your customers' needs. State of the Art Design and Manufacturing Capabilities: Our manufactures are able to design sophisticated Medical Devices according to specifications, at an affordable price – with no compromise on end product time lines. At Ajgove Medical our production of consistently high quality products, at any quantity, large or small- delivered on time, every time! Quality Assurance: Ajgove Medical is experienced in working under tight deadlines, without compromising quality. We choose suppliers and manufactures that operate in strict compliance with ISO 9001 (2000) and ISO 13485 (2003). Most products are CE approved and 510(k) cleared. Global Presence: Ajgove Medical plans on venturing into the Global market, as well as across the borders of South Africa – strategically we will achieve this through our dedicated Medical Professionals, within our organisation.



Ajgove Medicals’ Solutions are divided into four areas of clinical expertise. Our innovative solutions are designed to truly meet your customers' needs and provide you with differentiating advantages:

We specialize in Four Major components of Medical Disposable & Equipment:


Intravenous Products      Patient Monitoring      Interventional Cardiology & Radiology    Surgical Instrumentation



Blood Lancets

Gauze, Cotton Wool

Scrub Suites

Linin Savers (Draw Sheets)

Intravenous Administration Sets

Intravenous Cannula’s

E.C.G Disposables (Electrodes, Gel)

Intraosseous & Biopsy Needles

Central Venous Catheters (CVC)

Safety Syringes & Needles

Body Bags (Shrouds)

Wound Care - Gauze & Dressings

Scales & Splints

Alcohol Swabs

Cervical Collars & Cuff

Medical Diagnostic Equipment & Accessories

Dental & Spinal Needles


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